Tone Specific

TS - 1965 Gray Bottom Blues Set

  • TS - 1965 Gray Bottom Blues Set

Tone Specific

TS - 1965 Gray Bottom Blues Set

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  • Pro Tested – Pro Approved

    We’ve heard a lot of people say that you can’t get vintage tone from new pickups. Everyday our pickups prove the nay-sayers wrong.  Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what the Pro’s say….

    Mark Whitfield, one of the all-time Jazz greats is known for his fast picking and great tone.  Although not known for it, he's owned a few Strat's over the years. After he installed in 1965 Blues set in his favorite Strat he said "I've tried every important Strat upgrade since 1983 & this is by far the best." He also noted that he loves how they drive his Vox AC30 amplifier.  This humbling praise from a Legendary Guitarist. 

    Dani Robinson, is an amazingly talented musician who has performed the Jimi Hendrix vocal and guitar parts in the Billy Cox Experience.  He knows a thing or two about authentic 60’s tone, his style personifies the “60’s Blues Tone” that everyone is chasing.  He plays our 60’s Blues Set in his #1 Strat, an Eric Johnson Fender Strat.  He said " Your 60’s Blues set has the Clarity I’ve been searching for…the feel and sound is like a 1965 Strat…I’m Speechless…What a beautiful tone my Guitar has now”.

    Clear & Extra Warm - Blues Tone.

    Are your Stratocaster® Pickups just not Blue enough for you? Continuing to use the wrong pickups for your style can be extremely frustrating. This frustration can limit your ability to create the tones and the music you’ve been hearing in your head. We feel your pain. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Your search for your perfect Strat® tone ends today.

    Beyond the 60's - Beyond Blues 

    When comparing our pickup to other pickups, the great players hear the difference right away.  It seems the better the player, the more excited they get after hearing our pickups in their guitar.

    We’ve created the best vintage voiced Strat pickups for extra warm Blues tone.  Just because your guitar is equipped with the best pickups for Bluesy tone doesn't mean you can venture into the realm of other styles.  The Tone Specific Blues Strat set will sound great for just about any type of music. 

    Mark Whitfield, the amazing Jazz Artist proves that you can do more than Blues with this incredible set of pickups. He chose this set because it's clear and warm with enough to output to drive his amp.  

    Vintage Tone - Modern Innovation.

    This set was inspired by a really terrific 1965 set.  Our painstaking design and testing process has yielded pickups that that sound great with tube amps, pedals, solid state amps, digital devices and even software. 

    Tonal Details:

    • Pickups are made to sound a warmer and clearer than most vintage pickups.
    • Bridge pickup is very warm and stronger to cut the mix and drive the amp without losing the “Straty-ness”
    • Middle is RWRP to eliminate hum in positions 2 & 4
    • Neck Pickup is very warm and clear & won't not get muddy when overdriven.
    • They clean up well by rolling off volume without losing clarity or getting muddy.


    Huge Tone. Huge Sweet Spot.

    Our pickups are designed to sound great in the guitar in which they are installed. Whether you like to put them closer to the strings our further away, your tone will remain dynamic, warm and touch-sensitive.  These pickups let the sounds in your head shine through the speaker with sweet tone and singing sustain. 

    They make a good guitar sound great and a great guitar sound amazing. More than a few top pro's have reported a huge improvement by dropping these into their vintage guitars.  


    A set of pickups that capture every nuance of your playing style is rare find these days. Most pickups are made by big corporations in factories. Our pickups are made by guitar players for other guitar players. We care about your tone. 

    These pickups are designed to musically respond to you. They are directly between you and your amp and interact in a very musical way.  You can produce an endless amount of tone by changing your pick-attack and picking location. Adjusting your volume and tone knobs opens up all kinds of doors in exploring the tonal pallet of these pickups. There is no need for tricky wiring gimmicks when you have a set of pickups of this caliber. 

    Certified Organic.

    Our Pickups are made by hand, one at a time, right here in the U.S.A.  Our goal is to make the most Dynamic, Warm & Sweetest sounding pickups in the world.  

    Now every Guitarist can experience the joy of having vintage voiced pickups tailored for their preferred tonal style without breaking the bank. Unlike the rest of the herd of boutique winders that just wrap wire around a bobbin to achieve a certain Ohm reading, we've taken painstaking path to tonal perfection. We welcome you to join us on this path. If you are thinking about Warm Blues Tones………….Think Tone Specific!


    How to Buy/Pricing

    All of our Strat Pickups cost $299.99 - Pickups typically ship within 7 days of your order.  To order click the "Add to Cart" at the top of the page.

    We've tried to work ahead and keep a few sets of each style of pickups ready or almost ready to ship. Our building process takes a little longer than most pickup winders and we have rigorous testing that is performed on all pickups before they ship. This includes sound test. The goal is pickups that will not only inspire you when you get them but also 20 or 30 years down the road. So even though we might be able to get your pickups shipped within in a week or so, you should know the process of making your pickups likely started several weeks ago. 

    Players with good ears seem to hear the difference right away. We are sure you will appreciate the attention to detail when you hear your new pickups.

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