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Starting in 2022, we have reached an agreement to make Virgil Arlo "Black Label" Pickups. We were able to source identical clones of the material he used in his builds.  We also employ the same techniques he used in his builds. It's a costly and time consuming process but it's worth every penny and every moment waiting if you are serious about achieving optimal tone.

Mr. Arlo was extremely particular about the materials used, he was also very meticulous in the processes he employed to create what many serious pro guitarists regard as the best pickups ever made. We've spared no expense or detail in recreating these amazing pickups.

We've performed many A/B tests with these new Black Label Arlo Clones, comparing them directly to his original pickups. They sound exactly the same, the response is exactly the same and the they interact with your amplifier in exactly the same way.

During our beta testing, none of our testers reported any difference in the clones vs. the originals. It was a result that put our nerves at ease. In hindsight it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise considering we are using materials that were engineered to be identical to the original materials used, along with the same unique processes in the various phases of building these incredible pickups.

If you've always wanted that original Virgil Arlo tone in your guitar but couldn't afford those astronomical prices, then these Black Label clones are exactly the solution you've been looking for.

We have secured the rights to make these pickups for up to 2 years. This commitment will be stretching our limited manpower resources. We are excited and very proud to make these pickups but our long-term goals are more focused on our proprietary Tone Specific designs. If you are serious about acquiring the Virgil Arlo tone, then you won't want to procrastinate any longer.   

More Information about Virgil Arlo

When the legendary pickup winder known as "Virgil Arlo" retired from winding pickups, it left a huge void in the industry. Prices for used sets of those amazing pickups quickly skyrocketed to $2,000 - $3,000 per set.

Virgil Arlo Pickups are at the core of many pro guitarists signature tone. They are used by household names, as well as behind the scenes session players. Anytime one of these guys would add a new or vintage guitar to the stable, the first thing they'd do is drop in a set of the Arlo's. 

In early 2021, an agreement was reached for Tone Specific to build Virgil Arlo reissues using the remaining supply of parts from the shop of Mr. Arlo. Those sets were called the "Tan Label Reissues" and they sold out very quickly. We were proud to make those pickups and humbled by the incredible feedback we received from our customers.

The demand for the Virgil Arlo designs continues. The limited supply of used sets,  along with the demand created by pros needing a set for each guitar, has launched the prices to levels beyond the reach of most casual guitarists.



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