Red Circle Guitars has as impressive stock of high-end instruments. It a real honor that they carry our pickups & very humbling that they drop or pickups in dozens of the guitars on their floor.

Victor Ratz is the owner of Red Circle Guitars in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He's a pretty well-known tone expert. Pro's come to him for top-end guitars, preamps & pickups.

Victor has been the most prolific dealer of Tone Specific. He's always ordering a few months ahead so he doesn't run out of inventory. If you want a set but don't want to wait, then you should call him now. His ability to provide excellent customer service to the growing crowd of Tone Specific players has been invaluable. He's played all of the most important pickup brands on the market and he says the "Tone Specific's are the best on the market, just far superior to everything else being made."

Victor recently said that one of his pro clients expressed to him that after installing the the Tone Specific's in a few of his guitars, he feels like his guitars without Tone Specific Pickups installed are basically useless. Victor said "I feel the same way, many guitars on my wall have the Tone Specific's & those are he only guitars I play."

Check out Joe Cocker's former guitarist jamming at Red Circle Guitars on a Knaggs Model J.