Jay Leonard Juatco is a professional composer, front-man, session player, touring guitarist & all around great guy. Jay is no stranger to the road, the studio or great tone. He is one of the most influential tone-chasing guitarists on the scene these days.

He's been using our pickups in for several years now in multiple guitars. It's an honor that such an amazing talent chooses our pickups to achieve his tone. It was a privilege to work on these designs with him.

Jay approached us with the idea of making a series of pickups that were as sweet & complex as his vintage guitars with a couple of slight modifications. They were modified by Jay, so now you know why they are called "J-Mod" Series.

He wanted the pickups to have plenty of punch. They also need to work very well with the various effects pedals on the market these days while also retaining that vintage character that so many guitarists crave.

Jay had big ideas & we were honored that he felt we were up to the task. R&D on this set took several years & there were multiple revisions along the way. The J-Mod designs are professional quality pickups made for and designed for a a top-flight modern professional guitarist. 

Do you feel like you've met Jay before? You may recognize Jay from demos on our site or product video's he's done for the likes of Roland, Fender, Keeley, H&K, Quilter Labs, Wampler, Yamaha and many others. He's a busy musician that's toured the world & logged many years of studio time. We are honored to be associated with such an amazing talent.  

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J-MOD Telecaster Set.
J-MOD Strat Set
J-Mod Humbucker Set
J-Mod HSS Strat Set