US Dealers 


Red Circle Guitars...253-666-3343 -

The guys at Red Circle Guitars know more about high-end instruments & high-end tone than anyone on the West Coast. It's a real honor that they drop our pickups in their stock of Ribbecke & Knaggs guitars. They say Tone Specific Pickups help them sell their best instruments quicker.

Red Circle Guitars was a long time dealer of Virgil Arlo Pickups. When Virgil stopped taking orders, Red Circle was kind enough to give us a shot. We were grateful for the opportunity & we are very proud that they've continued to support us a dealer.

Red Circle carries our full line of pickups. They are always sure to have several guitars on hand that feature our pickups.  

Chelsea Guitars...212-675-4993 -

Located in the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York City. The Chelsea Hotel has been home to musical instrument sales dating as far back in 1908. Chelsea Guitars has been in business for over 30 years and must visit destination for any serious Guitar Aficionado.

This fine establishment is the "Tone Specific Showcase" in New York City. In addition to stocking our pickups, Chelsea guitars also has many of our designs loaded in guitars on the floor so you can stop by and try out our different designs.

Chelsea Guitars

224 W 24th Street

New York, NY 10011


Walt Grace Vintage...786-483-8180 -

Is it a Guitar Shop or Classic Car Shop? Well, it's actually both and it's definitely one on the coolest places in the Miami, FL area. These guys know cars, guitars and tone. 

300 NW 26th Street

Miami, Florida 

Dealer - UK

Dealer - Japan

Luthiers/Builders using our Pickups

Stephen Marchione - Marchione Guitars

At one time in his life, Stephen Marchione spent six hours a day playing the guitar eventually earning a BA in music from Naropa University. He now focuses on crafting them. In fact, since beginning his career as a guitar maker in 1990, Stephen has created more than four-hundred guitars for some of the best guitar players in the world.

See Stephens work at -

McKay Guitars 

McKay builds the finest vintage style guitars. They look vintage, they feel vintage, they sound vintage but they play flawlessly. If you could choose between a vintage guitar & a McKay, you would take the McKay everyday of the week and time on Sunday. They are that good & we are proud they choose our pickups in many of their builds.

Check them out at  

Kevin Equitz Guitars

Like most of the folks in Nashville, Kevin says the Tone Specific pickups are "Money". This innovative builder makes amazing guitars and our friend @JayLeonardJ introduced to this fine guitar builder.

Check out his work at 

Josh Williams Guitars

Located in Southern California, Josh Williams makes very nice 335 style & acoustic guitars. We are proud that he's used our pickups.

Check out his guitars at 

Vincent Cleroux - Cleroux Guitars

A very talented Luthier based in Montreal, Quebec, Vincent creates high quality instruments that need to be heard to be fully enjoyed.  

See Vincent's work at -

Dean Gordon Guitars

You always hear about Prodigy Musicians but rarely hear about Prodigy Luthiers. Dean Gordon started making guitars at 14, by age 16 he was an apprentice for some pretty well known Luthiers. At the age of 18 he launched Dean Gordon guitars. Several years have passed but his guitars continue to be admired by those lucky enough to play them.  

See Dean's work at   

Pickguard Builders using our Pickups. 

Rothstein Guitars - 

Long known for innovative prewired pickguard designs, Rothstein Guitars has worked with some very fine pickup makers over the years and we are proud to have them as a dealer.

920D Custom -

920D is a well established provider on high quality prewired pickguards on eBay and Reverb.  

Twilight Guitars -

Twilight Guitars is a well established provider of high quality prewired pickguards on eBay.

Payment Processing & Fulfillment

Tone Specific Pickups are built by hand in the USA. Wait times are may vary depending on the current work load.

There are various dealers of Tone Specific pickups (see the top of the page). Each of these entities have their own payment processing & each will each ship pickups from their own unique location. Please contact each individual dealer for further specifications regarding these issues. 

Credit/Debit Card Payments for all orders placed at are processed using Shopify Payments, web address The Shopify Payment Portal also accepts payments by Paypal, web address 

Most orders placed at ship by United State Postal Service Priority Mail out of Southern California. Labels are printed via the Shopify Shipping Application & auto fill based on information provided by each customer. Customers instantly receive tracking numbers by e-mail from the online tracking system. For more information on payment & shipping please click here. 

Orders may be shipped by DHL, UPS or Fed Ex at the customers request. 

Other Affiliations

The founder of Tone Specific Pickups got his start in this industry working at Virgil Arlo Pickups. It's no coincidence that you see some of the same artists using both pickups.

Sometimes we get asked if we make any pickups at Tone Specific that are like the Virgil Arlo designs or to compare Virgil Arlo and Tone Specific Pickups. Although certain aspects may have been slightly influenced by this affiliation, the Tone Specific Pickup designs are unique and stand on there own two feet.

If you have any questions about Virgil Arlo Pickups, then you need to visit

For more information on the Tone Specific and Virgil Arlo Affiliation: