Due to our affiliation with Virgil Arlo Pickups, we always get asked how the 1971 Punchy Tele's compare to the 1952 Model Virgil Arlo Pickups.

Ask any pro that's played them and they'll tell you the Virgil Arlo 1952 Model are the best Telecaster Pickups ever made. Now the Virgil Arlo's have a bit of a headstart in the market and are a household name among the pro players in Nashville, LA, NYC and around the globe. They can cover just about any style of music and the neck can give you a really nice Punchy Tele tone.

If you are looking for the Best Telecaster for Rock, then don't discount the Tone Specific 1971 Punchy Tele Sets.

Which one is best? Well, that's for your ears to decide. Check out the Video's Below:

Virgil Arlo Model 1952 Telecaster Pickups:

1971 Punchy Tele Pickups by Tone Specific