Virgil Arlo Collection

Virgil Arlo 1954 Stratocaster Replacement Pickups by Tone Specific.

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  • Virgil Arlo 1954 Stratocaster Replacement Pickups by Tone Specific.

Virgil Arlo Collection

Virgil Arlo 1954 Stratocaster Replacement Pickups by Tone Specific.

Sold out

You Deserve The Best Tone.

  • ***Due to limited parts, there is a limit of 3 Virgil Arlo Strat Sets Per Customer***

    Virgil Arlo 1954 Strat Replacement Pickups are the secret weapon of many professional guitarists. They swear by them & most would agree that the Virgil Arlo 1954's are the best Stratocaster Replacement pickups ever made. Any time one of these pros adds a new or vintage guitar to their stable of working instruments, this is the first upgrade they perform. Its pretty well known among session players, touring guitarists & recording engineers that these amazing pickups are instruments themselves & take any guitar to the next level.

    If you consider yourself to be a serious guitarist or a serious connoisseur of tone, then these pickups are an absolute must. Any decent guitarist knows the circuitry of your amplifier actually starts in your guitar, precisely at the location of your pickups. Anything less than the best only subtracts from the overall dynamics, response and quality of your tone.

    The winder known as "Virgil Arlo" has been responsible for crafting pickups that are considered by many to be superior to vintage pickups. They are an irreplaceable part of so many elite musicians signal chain. When Mr. Arlo retired from winding pickups back in 2019, it left a huge void in the industry. Prices for used sets of his Strat skyrocketed over $2,000.

    There is a small supply of old Virgil Arlo parts remaining. It's our great honor to lend our hands in continuing the great legacy of Virgil Arlo Pickups using these parts. Starting in January 2021, we have reached an agreement to make these amazing pickups until the limited supply of parts is depleted. We suspect the supply of parts will last between 6 and 12 months. 

    We've spared no expense in the building process of these gems. We've mastered the various Virgil Arlo techniques, each of which are time consuming and necessary to achieve top-flight tone & response. None of this process is cheap, fast or easy. If you've ever had the pleasure of hearing these amazing pickups, then you know they are worth the wait & every penny.

    The Virgil Arlo Collection of Guitar Pickups from Tone Specific are physically and sonically identical to the original Virgil Arlo Pickups made by the man himself. 

    There will certainly be folks who only want to use the original "White Label Arlo's" in their guitars. That's great if you can find them & even better if you can afford them. For everyone else, we are proud to present the Virgil Arlo Pickup Collection by Tone Specific. Everyone that has played them has loved them. We know you will too.    

    How to Buy/Pricing

    Get them while you can. We'll be making these until the remaining supply of Virgil Arlo parts is depleted.

    ***Limit 3 Strat Sets Per Customer***

    The price set is $1474 - Made by hand right here in the USA using the same materials and techniques as the original Virgil Arlo Strat Pickups. Due to a high-level of demand, the current wait is about 2-3 months. To order click the "Add to Cart" at the top of the page.

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    UPDATE - These pickups have sold out and are no longer available. Click here to the new Black Label reissues of the 1954 Virgil Arlo Strat Pickups.