When the legendary pickup winder known as "Virgil Arlo" retired from winding pickups at the end of 2019, it marked the end of an impressive career that had a major impact on the guitar & music world. His pickups are the core of so many amazing guitarists signature tone. They are used by household names & behind the scenes session players as well.

Top pros have relied on his pickups for years. Anytime one of these guys would add a new or vintage guitar to the stable, the first thing they'd do is drop in a set of the Arlo's. When Mr. Arlo stepped away, it left a huge void in the industry & prices for used sets skyrocketed to $2,000 - $3,000 per set.

It's our great honor to lend our hands in continuing the great legacy of Virgil Arlo Pickups. Starting in January of 2021, we have reached an agreement to make these amazing pickups. There is a limited supply of Virgil Arlo parts remaining. We are very proud to make these amazing pickups until the supply of parts is depleted. We suspect the part supply will be depleted within the next 6 to 12 months. .

People always wonder what makes the Virgil Arlo designs sound and react so much better than most vintage & modern pickups. The answer is simple but the process is complex. He used special parts & he employed several time consuming techniques. 

We've spared no expense in the building process of these gems. We've mastered the various Virgil Arlo techniques, each of which are time consuming and necessary to achieve top-flight tone & response. None of this process is cheap, fast or easy. If you've ever had the pleasure of hearing these amazing pickups, then you know they are worth the wait & every penny.

The Virgil Arlo Collection of Guitar Pickups from Tone Specific are physically and sonically identical to the original Virgil Arlo Pickups made by the man himself. The only change made has been to the product packaging and labeling.

We've streamlined the packaging and we've changed the product label on the box to avoid any confusion in the marketplace. You'll notice that the new label has been changed from the color white on the originals to the color  tan on the reissues. Our company logo has also been added to the label & we've labelled the back of each individual pickup with the "Tone Spec" brand.

There will certainly be folks who will only want to use the original "White Label Arlo's" in their guitars. That's great  if you can find them & even better if you can afford them. For everyone else, we are proud to present the Virgil Arlo Pickup Collection by Tone Specific. Everyone that has played them has loved them. We know you will too.

Get them while you can. We'll be making these until the supply of Virgil Arlo parts is depleted.  

Update these pickup sets have sold out and no longer available. Click here to see the Black Label reissue series of Virgil Arlo Pickups.